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The flexplates in Ford 6 cyl turbocharged engines are subjected to severe torsional loadings. Over 1000+ HP is channelled through a flimsy sheetmetal flexplate to motivate a vehicle weighing in excess of 1800 kgs (3960lbs) which puts enormous loads on the standard item.

Atomic engineers have designed a chrome moly flexplate to withstand the rigours of high performance usage and to accommodate a number of torque converter options. CNC machined from EN-26 bar stock, our flexplates are 9mm thick compared to the factory flexplates paltry 2mm and are manufactured to exceed ANDRA requirements.

We machine dual PCD’s to accommodate both 4 bolt Ford and 3 bolt Powerglide torque converters and include 40mm lightening holes to reduce rotating mass and to facilitate additional airflow  around the torque converter. They come with Unbrako fasteners to secure the flexplate to the crank, Schnoor washers and 4 x M10/1.25 high tensile 6pt bolts for the torque converter. Flexplate weighs only 4.8kg (10.5lbs).

NOTE: Our billet flexplates share the same backspacing as all OE flexplates so they can also be fitted to early model (pre-metric) Ford 6 cyl engines (144, 170, 221, 250) after enlarging the crank bolt holes to 15/32”.

See the vehicle fitment details below:

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